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Are Your Toes In or Out or Neutral?

If you read the 'How tense are your feet?' blog, you will remembered that your feet absorb between 2 - 7 times your body weight. (If you didn't, read it HERE)

10,000 steps equates to 12 million pounds that your feet and your body need to absorb.

Now the question is, do you have the right foot alignment to absorb all that pressure?


The 3 Foot Position

There are 3 foot positions with every step

Toes pointing forward (Neutral)

Having the toes pointing forward is the optimal position whenever you land your foot.

This creates great alignment for the rest of your body to prevent any future injuries (muscle and joints). If you are a runner, having a neutral foot will give you the best propulsion to move forward.

Toes Pointing Out (Abduction)*

I see this quite often. Whether people are standing, walking or when I coach runners.

Toes pointing out puts a lot of stress in the ankles and knees. This stress may lead to joint injuries. This could also lead to bunions. Some might even find tightness in the shin muscle.

Toes Pointing In (Adduction)*

I see this less often than toes pointing out.

Toes pointing in cause the knees to fall inward, once again putting stress in the knees. This also creates misalignment for the rest of the body. Some might find tightness in the inside calf muscle.

Now that you know the importance of having your toes pointed forward, pay attention to your feet next time you stand, walk or run!

Keep being you! The world needs more you!❤️

*NOTE* - Everyone's body is different. Having toes in or out might be what is best for your body and alignment. Keep in mind this post is only to provide information. Talk to a professional physical therapist to find out what is the best position for you.

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