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Get to know me

When I am not swimming, biking, running, or practicing Yoga, you will find me hanging out with my husband and my 2 pups (Maple & Walnut!), watching a documentary, reading non-fiction books, and listening to music, especially Coldplay. I once followed them to 3 different cities back to back to back! But that's another story.😊


I love being in the mountains, particularly in the winter! There’s something about the mountains covered in a blanket of snow that makes me feel at home. 

One thing you might not know about me is I am an introvert. Many people might be shocked to know this because I do enjoy talking to people. I love getting to know people. However, after a few hours of mingling, I will need my quiet time to recharge.


Introvert does not mean you are shy. If you get an introvert talking about something they are passionate about, they can talk for hours! Being an introvert means we need alone time to recharged. It's time to start educating the world on what an introvert is! To start off, here is a video from Simon Sinek

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