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Hamstring strain is one of the most common injuries for runners (Part 2 - Strengthening)

Our body needs to be strong and flexible to prevent injuries.

In Part 1 of "Hamstring strain is one of the most common injuries for runners", I focus on why being flexible helps prevent hamstring injuries. In it, I have a video demo of how a Standing Forward Fold can help improve flexibility. If you want to read it CLICK HERE

When we do any physical activity, whether that's standing, walking, running or cycling, we want our muscles to be strong enough to support us. Our muscles are where our body stores energy to propel us forward.

A little bit of anatomy and biomechanics for running gait cycle. (If you have no interest in learning how the body moves, feel free to skip the next paragraph in Italics. No hard feelings here🙂)

A gait cycle is the motion between when a foot makes contact with the ground until that same foot hits the ground again. There are 2 phases in a gait cycle. The stand phase - when one foot is on the ground. The swing phase - when that same foot is off the ground, swings forward, and gets ready for the next contact with the ground. The hamstrings support us in the stand phase and propel us during the swing phase

A weakness in the hamstrings might not be able to fully support us when the foot hits the ground. This weakness might also cause knee pain.

Also, having strength in the hamstrings will also provide you with greater propulsion, especially when running uphill!

Here is a video demo of Locust Pose to help you strengthen your hamstrings. This also strengthens your glutes and back! It's a win, win, win for the whole backline of your body!

Enjoy and until then,

Keep being you, the world needs more you! 🌻❤️

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