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Foot / Ankle Stability & Mobility

"How you perform depends on how efficiently you work at your feet/ankles" - Yoga Sport Science©

Whether you are cycling or running, your power comes from your feet.

Having strong, mobile feet and ankles is especially important for running.

When running on different terrain (uphill, downhill, trail running), your ankles constantly adjust to absorb the different surfaces.

Strong, mobile feet and ankles will provide you with the stability and mobility to tackle any terrain. The foot's ability to absorb shock and support weight will prevent injuries like ankle sprains when running on uneven surfaces. It will also support your running gait cycle (the cycle where one foot makes contact with the ground, and ends when the same foot touches the ground), giving your greater propulsion.

The Egyptian Balance (Yoga Sport Science©) pose is great for strengthening the stability muscles in your feet and ankles.

  • Stand tall in a neutral position

  • Step the right heel in front of the left foot. Make sure the right heel is touching the left toes

  • Bring your arms into a cactus/goalpost position

  • Draw belly button towards low back

  • Find a focal point on the ground that is not moving. Take a breath in

  • Exhale, and turn your chest to the right. Try to keep your hips facing forward

  • Inhale come back to the center

  • Exhale and rotate the torso to the left

  • Repeat 3 times

  • Repeat with the opposite foot forward


Want to add a bit of a challenge? Try closing your eyes!

Remember that our bodies are different. Your pose might look different than mine, and that’s okay! The key is to listen to your body. Sometimes it is so much easier to listen to our egos than our bodies. Remember to do only what feels good for you.

If you are brave enough to share, comment with a picture of what your Egyptian Balance pose looks like.

Until then,

Keep being you, the world needs more you! 🌻❤️

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