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How tense are your feet?

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Before I go any further and ask you about how tense are your feet...

Did you know every step you take, your feet absorb between 2 - 7 times your body weight! If you walk 10,000 steps a day, that equates to 12 million pounds your feet and your body needs to absorb😲. If you are a runner, 10,000 steps could just be one short run!

With all that force, no wonder our feet have so much tension! Tension in these shock absorbers can lead to discomfort and pain. This means no happy feet = no happy human. If you are an athlete, no happy feet = increase chance of injury -> not able to train -> a really upset human!


So How Do You Release Tension In Your Feet?

Here are a couple of ways to release tension in your feet

Simple Foot Massage

No prop needed for this one!

This can be done either sitting on a chair or on the ground.

There are a few ways and places I like to massage

1) Run your thumb in different areas

2) Pinch the outer edge

3) Give those toes a gentle squeeze!

4) Threat your fingers in between your toes (Can be quite intense!)

5) Give the heal a big squeeze

6) Pinch the back of your ankles

Myofascial Release

I always have a lacrosse ball with me. If you don't have one, that okay, grab a tennis

ball. Sometimes golf ball works too but it WILL be very intense.

NOTE: NEVER place ball under bruises, cuts or bones

Ball Under Foot

With heal down, place the ball under your foot. Take a breath in, exhale press foot down into the ball.

Repeat as many time as you wish

Ball Under Heal

With toes down, place the ball under your heal. Take a breath in, exhale press heal down into the ball.

Repeat as many time as you wish

Foot Scribble

Balancing on one foot (option to hold the wall for balance), scribble the ball under the other foot. There is no right or wrong. Whether it's up and down, side to side or even zig zagging. Be creative 🙂

Do this everyday and help release those foot tension! ✨

Better yet, come for a myofascial release class and release tension in your whole body! Message me to get your first class FREE! (New student only)

Which one are you going to start practicing now? Comment Below

Keep being you! The world needs more you!❤️

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