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Release Those Tight Shoulders

Are your shoulders feeling tight as if they are up to your ears?

Every time I show people these two poses, I always get

'Wow, that feels amazing!'

'My shoulders and neck feel so good!'

'I can feel that my shoulders are more relaxed!'

But before I show you the video demos, let's talk about why we get tight shoulders.

(If you really want to scroll to the bottom and watch the videos, it's all good too!)

So why do we get tight shoulders?

  • Stressed about something that is happening in your life

  • Tried to warm yourself up in the cold weather! (It was below -30°c for the last few days here in Saskatoon!)

  • Poor posture

If you are an endurance athlete, maybe you

  • Worked extra hard on your workout

  • Anxious about the game or the race that is coming up


Stiff shoulders cause discomfort in the body. On-going tightness may lead to pain in the neck and cause tension headaches.

Tight shoulders also reduce your range of motion. If you are an athlete, this tightness will decrease your performance.  

Below are two videos to let your shoulders feel refreshed and ready for whatever comes your way.

By the way, I plan to go live on social media on weekdays at 4:30pm CST to demo these poses. This is an excellent opportunity to practice with me for free and a time to ask me any questions!

Enjoy and until then,

Keep being you, the world needs more you! 🌻❤️

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