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Prevent slips and falls with strong core stability

Having strong core stability improves balance. It helps prevent slips and falls while running on snow/ice and for those who trail runs.

Where I am from, winter is approaching, and it will snow pretty soon! This means pavements with lumpy snow and patches of ice, which might result in slips and falls when running outside.

There are two ways to prevent slips and falls. First one - Run on a treadmill 😄. Yes, it is pretty boring, but you will definitely not slip on the ice!

Option two: Have good core stability so that when you do slip, you have enough core stability to hold you back up!

Let's get one thing straight: core stability is not your '6-pack'. Having 'rock-hard abs' will not prevent you from slipping.

We are talking about deep muscles when it comes to core stability. These deep muscles attach to your spine, which provides support to hold you upright.

When you strengthen these deep muscles, it will give you better support. So, if you do slip, your core stability muscles will kick in and prevent you from falling!

Check out my current In-Person and Online class to strengthen your core stability today!

Until then,

Keep being you. The world needs more you! 🌻❤️

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