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Post-Holiday Upper Back TLC ✨

Updated: Jan 4

I hope you had a festive Christmas and a great New Year's celebration.

In the last few weeks, many of you may have experienced tension and discomfort in your upper back.

It may be due to

  • Stress (getting ready for the holiday season)

  • Prolonged sitting (I managed to watch all of Harry Potter!) or

  • Engaging in physical activities (dancing the night away on New Year's Eve)

Myofascial release is a therapeutic technique targeting the fascia surrounding muscles.

It can be a rejuvenating post-holiday remedy!

Applying gentle pressure to specific areas of the upper back helps release tension, improve blood circulation, and reduce stress.

Below are two videos to let your shoulders feel refreshed and ready for whatever comes your way. I hope you enjoy these poses.

By the way, I plan to go live on social media frequently to demo these poses. Feel free to join me!

Enjoy and until then,

Keep being you, the world needs more you! 🌻❤️

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