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Jackie Lai

Yoga Instructor | Triathlon Coach 

Hello & Welcome!

Hey there! Maybe we have met before, or maybe someone referred you to my website. 

Either way... Welcome, I am glad you are here. :)

I Love working with

Triathletes, runners, cyclists, swimmers, endurance athletes, and weekend warriors.

People who want to stay active and vibrant for the rest of their life.

Before I go any further, if you want to learn more about how someone who was never active as a child, didn’t start running until late 20’s, yet finished an Ironman. Then, in my mid 30’s became a Yoga teacher, click here.

​You have probably heard of Yoga and curious about how it can help you with Training or on Race Day (Not to mention preventing injuries). Maybe you are not sure what is Yoga or if is the right fit for you. You might even have stereotypes about what Yoga is. To be honest, when I first heard about Yoga, I thought it was a fad. Now, yoga feels like a secret weapon for my training!

Do you think yoga is

Maybe you believe yoga is only for people (especially women) who are flexible, touch their toes or do the splits. Or that yoga only focuses on meditation and stretching.

Maybe you Googled yoga and saw people doing arm balances and handstands thinking why do I need that to train for a race?

Maybe you went to a random class at your local Yoga studio. Found it intimidating and/or confusing because you didn’t get clear directions from the instructor on how to get into the pose. You ended the class thinking what the heck is going on?

Lets make a few things clear

There are many types of Yoga, with many Yoga teachers in different Yoga studios. Both in-person and online.

How will you know which one is right for you?


If you are looking for Yoga because you:

You want to become super bendy, so you can touch your toes, do the splits and become a human pretzel

Learn difficult poses like handstands (that 'regular' people cannot do) to post on social media

Be able to sit for hours to mediate and find the path to enlightenment 

Learning about different crystals to clear your chakra blockage

However, if the following resonates with you...

Have more workout clothes and race shirts than regular clothes

Choose to go to bed early instead of going out with friends because you have to wake up early the next day to train


Learn how Yoga can help prevent injuries, enhance your performance (legally of course🙂), and prep your mental game

Practice Yoga in a safe and welcoming environment while having a bit of fun with other athletes!

Then Lets Connect

I am a Yoga instructor and a triathlon coach, and I participate in triathlons for fun. I have the unique advantage of understanding what an athlete goes through and seeing it from a coaching perspective. What I have discovered is that Yoga is the missing link to help athletes propel themselves to the next level.

MY thoughts on Yoga

I believe Yoga is the secret weapon to prevent injuries and speed up recovery

I believe Yoga is something that can be enjoyed by everyone, from all walks of life, at any age

I believe if you can swim, bike and/or run, you can do Yoga

I believe everyone can benefit from the practice of Yoga (especially those who have never tried Yoga before)

It is my goal to help athletes experience the physical and mental benefits of Yoga in an inclusive and welcoming environment

I am on a mission, (a big uphill battle) to show people, especially athletes, that yoga doesn't mean getting into a splits. You don't need to touch your toes to do Yoga. YES you read that right! You DON'T NEED to touch your toes to do Yoga 🙂

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Jackie Lai.


I became a Certified Yoga Sport Coach because Yoga has elevated the way I train for triathlons! My Yoga practice has helped me become a better triathlete — For someone who couldn’t run for 1 minute without gasping for air to becoming Ironman. Yoga has helped me recovered faster, and reduced injuries (haven’t had any injuries since 2019! Knock on wood 😊).

Yoga Gave Me the Tools to FOCUS During Training

It taught me how to stay calm during the race. I remember all the races I have done. Standing at start line, feeling those butterflies in your stomach. Your hands getting sweaty, having so much adrenaline both from being nervous and excited at the same time that it feels like your heart is going to jump out of your body! (Trust me I have been there) 

Do I still get those feelings? ABSOLUTELY! Heck even talking about this right now makes my heart race and palms sweaty. BUT NOW I know how to use my breath to stay clam. I know how to be mindful and feel what my body needs and don’t need during training.


Yoga helps me strengthening my stability muscles, so I don’t get injured.

I was an age group triathlete (and still am) before I became a Yoga instructor and a Triathlon coach. I am grateful for this because this allows me to connect with my students. 

If you are looking for ways to improve your training and are curious to give Yoga a try, then I invite you to join my email list below, so I can send you Yoga videos '5 Key Stretches To Do After A Run' and/or '4 Favorite Poses To Release Body Tension', future videos and invitations to practice with me. You are also welcome to Contact Me for any questions. 

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